Angels Landing and The Narrows can be done in one day in Zion National Park.

Hiking Angels Landing and The Narrows in One Day: A Full Guide [2023]

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Zion National Park in Utah is well known for having some of the most beautiful views in the southwest United States.

And for being home to two of the country’s most popular hiking trails; Angels Landing and The Narrows.

If you’re short on time at the park, you may wonder, can I hike Angels Landing and The Narrows in one day?

These two hikes are both incredibly worthwhile and should not be missed on your visit to one of Utah’s Mighty Five national parks.

While it certainly won’t be easy to do both hikes and you’ll be ready for a nap afterward, it is doable if you have the determination.

So in this post, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know in order to experience both of them, even if you only have one day to do it.

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    Can You Hike Angels Landing and The Narrows in One Day?

    While completing both of these Zion National Park hikes in the same day is difficult, it is totally doable.

    But, that isn’t to be taken lightly, and you should be well prepared before attempting to do so.

    Angels Landing is a strenuous trail and The Narrows is long and requires some different skills.

    You’ll need to prepare to hike upwards of 10+ miles during this day to complete both trails and experience them to their fullest.

    Only people who are very physically fit and are confident in their hiking abilities should attempt them on the same day.

    It also will require you to likely wake up before the sun and get started on the trail bright and early to ensure that you can finish.

    Sitting on a rock looking out towards Angels Landing.
    A view of The Narrows from a the edge of the canyon.

    The trailheads for each trail are also in different locations, so you’ll need to either drive or catch the shuttle to the other stop.

    And because of both hike’s popularity, there is a possibility that the trailhead may be full or the shuttle is hard to get on later in the day.

    These are all important things to consider when planning to complete both trails in the same day.

    Angels Landing Hike Details

    Distance: 4.4 miles
    Elevation Gain: 1,600 feet
    Difficulty: Hard
    Estimated Time: 3-4 hours
    Location: The Grotto; Shuttle Stop #6

    Oftentimes considered “The Most Dangerous Hike in America,” Angels Landing is a widely popular trail in Zion.

    You’ll start by climbing up (and I mean like, straight up) the side of the rock wall and through some greenery that seems out of place.

    There are plenty of switchbacks along this path, but you won’t know what a real leg burn is until you’ve reached Walters Wiggles!

    A view of switchbacks on the Angels Landing hike.

    Walters Wiggles is a set of 21 extremely steep switchbacks that lead up to the start of the chain section of Angels Landing.

    If you’re anything like me, you won’t make it to the top without at least 10 breaks… it’s a leg burner!

    After you’ve made it to the top of the switchbacks, you’ll start the real fun, where you start the climb to the top of Angels Landing.

    Start grabbing onto the chains and climb up, being extremely careful of the edge, as it is a very steep drop-off that is dangerous.

    It becomes very narrow at points and there is likely to be several other people going up and coming down.

    But once you’ve tackled the chains, you’ll reach the top and be met with a gorgeous 360-degree view down into Zion National Park.

    Standing near a railing before starting the Angels Landing hike.

    This is an incredible vantage point that not everyone gets the opportunity to experience!

    The main points to take away here are to arrive prepared, be ready to leave tired, and enjoy those incredible views.

    Angels Landing FAQs

    How Long Does the Angels Landing Hike Take?

    The time it will take to complete Angels Landing varies from person to person, but it typically takes an average of 3-4 hours.
    If you know that you’re a slower hiker or take more breaks, plan in more time.
    And if the park is exceptionally busy, also plan in extra time because you’ll need to wait for others.
    The trail is almost 5 miles, so you can read my post here about how long that distance takes to hike.

    How Long is the Narrow Part of Angels Landing?

    The top of Walters Wiggles is about 1.8 miles up the trail and is the official start of the climb to Angels Landing.
    The chains start at about 0.5 miles left to the top, or after about 2 miles.
    So you’ll only hike about 1/2 mile on the narrow and chain section of Angels Landing.
    The rest is just a normal trail along a dirt and paved trail.

    Is Angels Landing Better in the Morning or Evening?

    Angels Landing is done best in the morning when there are fewer crowds on the hike.

    Is Angels Landing a Dangerous Hike?

    Angels Landing can absolutely be a dangerous hike if you are not prepared or not aware of your surroundings.
    There are parts along the trail that are extremely narrow and become crowded quickly.
    While you’re on the trail, you should always be aware of your surroundings and use the chains for safety.
    The permits are in place to limit crowding and help keep the trail safe for everyone.

    Is Angels Landing Kid Friendly?

    Angels Landing is not great for kids that are young or not experienced hikers.
    Because of the steep dropoffs and long, difficult hike, I wouldn’t recommend bringing kids that can’t walk on their own and are old enough to understand the dangers of the cliffs.

    Should I Do Angels Landing if I Don’t Want to Do the Chains?

    Yes, absolutely!
    Even if you aren’t comfortable doing the chain section, you should still do the first part of the hike.
    This trail brings you up to Scouts Lookout, which has excellent views of Angels Landing from below.
    It’s a really unique viewpoint and still provides a worthwhile experience!

    Do I Need a Permit to Hike Angels Landing?

    Yes, you do need a permit that is assigned via a lottery system.
    These permits were put into place starting in early 2022 to help with the overcrowding that was seen on the hike.
    Permits can be applied for here.

    The Narrows Hike Details

    Distance: 9 miles
    Elevation Gain: 700 feet
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Estimated Time: Varies; 1-7 hours
    Location: Temple of Sinawava; Shuttle Stop #9

    The other popular trail within Zion National Park is The Narrows, a hike through the Virgin River and the Zion Canyon.

    Starting with a 1-mile hike along the edge of the Virgin River, you’ll get to admire the beautiful towering rocks high above you.

    Wading through the water on The Narrows hike.

    After that easy, paved walk, the trail will end and you’ll enter the river, where The Narrows hike officially begins.

    Tall canyon walls tower above you and water flows at your feet, making for one of the most unique hikes you’ll ever do.

    Many people start the hike and just go a short distance, so the further you go, the fewer crowds you’ll encounter.

    There are also a few landmarks within The Narrows that are fun to look out for, such as Floating Rock and Wall Street.

    Standing in the water in Zion Canyon on The Narrows hike.

    The best way to do the hike as a day trip is to hike it from the bottom down, which starts at the Temple of Sinawava shuttle stop.

    You’ll likely want to rent a pair of neoprene socks and waterproof boots before the hike to keep your feet dry and help with traction.

    The Narrows FAQs

    How Long Does The Narrows Hike Take?

    If you hike the entire 9 miles, this hike could take you around 6 to 7 hours to complete it.
    But if you’re planning on doing Angels Landing and The Narrows in one day, I would recommend choosing a good place to turn around.
    Many people use the landmarks within the canyon as turnaround points.
    Mystery Falls is only about 1/2 mile into the canyon, and many people with kids turn back here.
    If you’re able, I recommend getting out to Wall Street, which is found about 3 miles into the hike and is the narrowest part of the Zion Canyon.
    If you were to hike out to Wall Street, the hike would likely take you about 4 hours, but this will vary from person to person.

    Can You Do The Narrows in One Day?

    Yes, The Narrows can be done in one day, if you are hiking it from the bottom-up.
    This hike is about 9 miles roundtrip and can be completed in 6-7 hours.
    If you’re doing Angels Landing and The Narrows in one day, I would recommend just choosing a smaller section of The Narrows to do.

    Is The Narrows Kid Friendly?

    The Narrows can definitely be kid-friendly, as long as you’re completely watching them while they’re in the canyon.
    It can be dangerous because the water can move swiftly, and the kids should be able to walk on their own.

    Is The Narrows Worth it?

    I think that a hike in The Narrows is absolutely worth it because of how unique it is.
    Sure, there are other slot canyons in Utah and Arizona, but this one is exceptionally long and just feels so special.
    I think that it’s a great bucket list item for many people and is definitely worth the time!

    Which Trail Should I Do First?

    If you’re planning to do both in the same day, I would recommend starting the day with Angels Landing.

    While both trails are very popular, it’s a bit easier to get away from the crowds while doing The Narrows.

    Because of how narrow the rock up to Angels Landing is, there will be times that you’ll need to stop and wait.

    Hikers going up will need to step aside to let hikers going down make their way down.

    A view into Zion National Park from the top of Angels Landing.

    It can get quite crowded, hence the reason for the permits.

    The earlier you can do Angels Landing, the better! Then, you can move on to The Narrow later in the day.

    Plus, you’ll have more protection from the hot Utah sun while in the Zion Canyon, as compared to on Angels Landing.

    But, if hiking The Narrows is higher on your bucket list than Angels Landing, I would do the opposite.

    Just be prepared for a very busy, crowded hike to the top.

    You also then may have to lug around wet shoes and socks for the Angels Landing hike, but that’s up to you to decide.

    What Time Should I Start the Hikes?

    I would recommend starting Angels Landing as early as you possibly can.

    During the shuttle season, which is typically from March to November and certain other days of the year, you can catch the shuttle around 6-7 am.

    Try your best to get on the earliest shuttle available and get up to Angels Landing before the crowds arrive!

    Then, once you’ve finished, you can either head straight to The Narrows or wait it out a little bit.

    Depending on what time it is, you could wait a bit to see if some of the crowds have dwindled.

    But don’t wait too late because you don’t want to miss the shuttle back to the parking lot.

    How Much Time Do I Need in Zion?

    Ideally, I would recommend having at least 2 to 3 days in Zion National Park, to fully experience it without rushing.

    This amount of time will allow you to explore other hikes such as Emerald Pools and Observation Point.

    Standing near an edge at the top of Angels Landing in Zion.

    It also gives you enough time to just take in the scenic beauty and check out the small town of Springdale, which has some great restaurants.

    But, if you don’t have that much time, it is popular to complete both popular hikes, Angels Landing and The Narrows in one day.

    When is the Best Time to Visit Zion National Park?

    Planning a trip to Utah and wondering when the best time for you to visit will be?

    Here are the best times of year and day to plan your trip.

    Time of Year

    Overall, the best time for hikers to visit the national park is in the fall months, from September to October.

    During this time of year, the sun isn’t as hot as it is in the summer and you won’t need to worry as much about runoff as you do in the spring.

    Sitting on a rock looking out into Zion where Angels Landing and The Narrows are.

    You can definitely choose to hike during other parts of the year, as the park is open year-round.

    But you might need to deal with heat from the sun, crowds, and flash flood dangers.

    I personally visited in June and found that I would have preferred the fall because of how hot and busy the park was.

    Time of Day

    If you’re looking to beat the crowds and the sun during the summer, you should get started as early as you possibly can.

    I recommend trying to get on the very first shuttle so that you can get started before many others do.

    Otherwise, wait until later in the day when people are finished up and leaving for the day because then you can beat the heat and crowds as well.

    How to Prepare to Hike Angels Landing and The Narrows

    Because these are two totally different hikes and they both require different skills, gear, and time, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you’re prepared for them.

    Here are a few of my top tips for making sure that you’re prepared for a long day completing both of these trails.

    • Pack a lunch: There won’t be any time to run into town between hikes, so be sure to pack yourself a lunch in your backpack to eat.
    • Have everything you need the night before: Be ready before the sun sets, so you’re ready for an early morning to just get up and go.
    • Carry plenty of water: Especially in the hot desert sun, have at least 1/2 liter of water for every hour of hiking.
    • Check trail reviews: Watch for closures, fallen trees, muddy patches, or other things that you should be aware of.
    • Don’t overestimate your abilities: These hikes can both be strenuous, so don’t overestimate how far you can push yourself.
    • Prepare for the weather: Always check the weather and be aware of flash flood warnings, as they can happen in The Narrows.
    • Know what to wear: Understand what you’re going to be wearing for The Narrows and get your rentals ahead of time if you plan on using them.

    Tips for Visiting Zion National Park

    When planning a visit to Zion National Park, you’ll want to know a few things to ensure that you’re prepared.

    Here are my top tips for visiting one of Utah’s most popular parks.

    • Arrive early and be prepared for crowds. Zion is extremely busy year-round, so don’t expect to be the only one there!
    • Get on the First Shuttle. This will allow you to get started before a lot of the others and avoid some of the crowds.
    • Bring sun protection. That sun can get extremely hot and you can burn quickly, so always have sunscreen, sunglasses, and a sun hat at the very least.
    • The shuttle season is typically from March to November. During this time, you can not bring your personal vehicle on the main park road.
    • Cell phones rarely work. Service is far and few between within the park, so don’t expect to be making any phone calls!
    • Download maps beforehand. Have your offline maps ready whether that be on Google Maps, All Trails, or something else.
    • Purchase an America the Beautiful pass. Or another national park entrance fee alternative, but you will need one to enter.
    • Have the proper pass or permit that you need. For Angels Landing, you will need to have a permit that can be found here.
    • Check park guidelines and updates. Sometimes, certain parts of the park may close, which you can find updates on here.
    • Leave No Trace. Always clean up after yourself, leave wildlife alone, and stay on the trail.

    What to Wear Hiking in Zion

    Because of Utah’s unique climate, you’ll want to ensure that you’re wearing the proper clothes to be comfortable during your hikes.

    Moisture Wicking T-Shirt: Wick away the sweat with a nice, comfy, moisture-wicking t-shirt such as this basic Columbia one.

    Hiking Pants: These are the lightweight, stretchy hiking pants that I use for almost every hike!

    Mid-Layer: Even if it’s warm, pack a mid-layer to have just in case it gets chilly. I love this Columbia sweater for colder days and this Baleaf pullover for warmer days.

    Standing in the water of The Narrows wearing an orange shirt.

    Hiking Socks: Keep your feet dry and either cool or warm, depending on the season, with a pair of Darn Tough’s hiking socks, that have a lifetime warranty.

    Hiking Shoes: Protect your feet and stay comfortable on the trail with a pair of shoes. I swear by my Oboz Sawtooths, which have lasted me years.

    Water Shoes: I have an entire post dedicated to what type of shoes to wear for The Narrows here.

    Sun protection: On top of the clothes, don’t forget to use sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and wear a sun hat.

    Neoprene Gear: For The Narrows, consider renting some gear from Zion Outfitters, right in Springdale to make your experience more comfortable.

    Where to Stay Near Zion National Park

    After you’ve done all of your exploring and hiking for the day, you’ll need somewhere nice to stay for the night.

    Here are a few great choices for lodging near Zion National Park.

    Watchman Villas: Beautiful apartments with full kitchens and bedrooms, and within walking distance of the Springdale Shuttle stop.

    Cable Mountain Lodge: A gorgeous lodge with Zion Canyon views and an outdoor pool and hot tub.

    Zion Canyon Lodge: This great lodge has views right outside lots of rooms and offers free breakfast to fuel up before your hikes.

    Conclusion: Angels Landing and The Narrows

    Zion National Park has quickly become a favorite amongst park goers all over not just the country, but the world.

    With its towering rock formations and popular trail systems, what’s not to love?

    The Narrows and Angels Landing have both become some of the most popular hikes in America, and everyone wants to do them.

    So, can you hike Angels Landing and The Narrows in one day, if that’s all that you have?

    The answer is, you definitely can, as long as you’re prepared and ready for a full, busy day!

    So lace up your hiking boots and head out for some of the most unique hikes that you’ll ever do, all in a single day!

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